Urinary Incontinence is defined as the unintended loss of urine through the urinary sphincter. There are several types of urinary incontinence but the most common type of urinary incontinence is stress urinary incontinence, caused by pelvic organ prolapse. Stress urinary incontinence is caused by physical movements such as laughing, coughing, running, and heavy lifting. There are several treatment options for urinary incontinence but treatment through transvaginal mesh slings is one of the most popular long term treatment options. For More information on urinary incontinence, refer to Attn:Grace or Wikipedia here.

Urinary Incontinence Types

Stress Urinary Incontinence: a condition in which there is insufficient…

Stir the warmth in your pelvis or it’ll leak out, dear one,” “Clench your pelvic floor muscles; then release! Again, and again, and again. Reclaim your power. Speak your anger as opposed to pissing it away. Stand tall and clench those pelvic floor muscles — again — and again.” “Let your pelvis go to peace. Build your own safety; protect yourself. We are here to help you. Urinary incontinence means leakage of urine. There are many different types of incontinence, and the cause might be as different as muscle weakness or jerks.


“To determine which type of…

According to a survey, millions of people suffer from varying degrees of incontinence. These people may not have the enthusiasm as normal people have because they are feeling embarrassed about their problem. In fact, behaving normally itself may be a daunting task for them. The encouraging news is that manufacturers offer different types of products such as washable chair pads, urinary incontinence pads, etc. to help these people surmount their problem. The benefits of bed pads for bedwetting are many. People who face the predicament of incontinence will feel liberated with the help of these pads.

Bed pads absorbent

Bed pads for bed-wetting…

A few weeks ago, in honor of Women’s Health Week, we sat down with our medical advisors to get their take on how women can best manage their pelvic health at all ages. As always, we learned so much! But this observation in particular, from Dr. Barbara Frank, OB/GYN, really got our attention, and we wanted to drill in to see what more we might learn here.

So, we asked Dr. Frank to spend a few minutes with us exploring what she really means by that, and looking at actionable steps we can all take to achieve this always important…

Urinary incontinence is a typical issue among the old. Numerous investigations have recorded the pervasiveness of urinary incontinence in elderly individuals. The pervasiveness rate locally has gone from 7% to 42%, and the rate has ordinarily been higher in foundations. In India over 50 million people suffer from the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Every 1 out of 10 people of older age suffer from overactive bladder problems. The old may expect that urinary incontinence is a typical result of maturing. Some older people might be humiliated by their incontinence or urine leakage, and thus cut away from social life. In…

Nearly all those suffering from a incontinence briefsillness will eventually lose control of their bowels and their bladder. When this problem first arises, with bed- or seat-wetting, it is essential that it is brought to the attention of the general practitioner as there are many causes of incontinence apart from dementia that older people, in particular, are prone to. These range from urinary tract infections, such as cystitis, to more important physical problems, such as an enlarged prostate gland, which can be rectified. Although incontinence is most likely to be the result of dementia, it may not be, and this…

Welcome to our Specialist Spotlight Series. We launched our Resource Library because we wanted women everywhere to know that urinary incontinence is a treatable condition, and for them to be able to explore what specialists and treatments might be right for them. In this series, we highlight some of the incredible specialists within our Specialist Directory, and shine a light on the ways they’re helping women every day.

Introduce yourself!

Name, occupation, and where you practice.

Hi there! I’m Dr. Rebecca Maidansky, PT, DPT. I’m a pelvic floor physical therapist and the owner of Lady Bird Physical Therapy, a clinic in Austin, TX that specializes in helping people manage pregnancy pains, prepare for birth and recover postpartum.

If you feel comfortable, feel free to add some context beyond your professional identity.

I’m a vocal, intersetional feminist and advocate for pelvic health care accessibility and inclusivity. Our clinic works to keep culturally and racially competent care at the forefront of our practice and aims to create a safe space for all birthing people. We believe Black lives matter and that every individual deserves to be able to feel safe and cared…

If you’re like most of us, you’re possibly assuming to yourself ‘exactly what the heck are Kegel exercises? as well as why would I intend to do them?’

So, before we go any kind of better, let me very first clarify exactly what Kegel exercises are, what they do as well as why females, especially mamas have to do them.

What are Kegel exercises?

Many people make the error of thinking that Kegels are rather synonymous with a lower abdominal workout, however, they are not.

Kegels are exercises that work as well as enhance the pelvic flooring muscle mass as…

One of our community members recently asked us to explain in more detail why it’s so important for women to pay attention to the ingredients in the products they use to manage their bladder leaks. And as always, when you ask, we answer. So let’s get right down to it.

Many of us confuse the terms vulva and vagina, and oftentimes we think they are actually the same thing. But in fact, while the vulva and vagina are closely related and physically sit adjacent to one another, they are two entirely different parts of our bodies:

The vulva is defined…

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Urinary incontinence is a loss of bladder control that rеѕultѕ in an inability to hоld уоur urinе until уоu get tо thе toilet. Symptoms can from mild leaking (dribblеѕ) to unсоntrоllаblе wеtting. Loss оf blаddеr соntrоl саn bе a fruѕtrаting аnd еmbаrrаѕѕing рrоblеm, but it iѕ imроrtаnt to knоw thаt it саn bе trеаtеd аnd соntrоllеd, if not cured so уоu саn lead a nоrmаl life again.

Sоmе оf thе mоѕt common causes оf inсоntinеnсе inсludе but аrе nоt limitеd to

  • Prеgnаnсу аnd сhildbirth
  • Menopause аnd hormonal changes
  • Prostate problems
  • Nеurоlоgiсаl disorders

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